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Thursday, 25 May 2017

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Galindo & Barrio Abogados
Tel: (0034) 915546770 Email:

Friday, 8 April 2016

Miriam Galindo Martens - partner and lawyer - abogada y socia Galindo & Barrio abogados Madrid Spain

Miriam Galindo Martens - partner and lawyer - abogada y socia Galindo & Barrio abogados Madrid Spain.

Galindo & Barrio Abogados
Tel: (0034) 915546770 Email:

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Divorce, Custody, Child Support, Modifying Measures, Non Payments Spanish Lawyers in Madrid Spain In September First Visit Free

Galindo & Barrio Abogados - Spanish Lawyers / Legal Attorneys in Madrid Spain
Family Law Procedures

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Galindo & Barrio Abogados

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Friday, 24 July 2015

Avvocato in Spagna - Galindo & Barrio Abogados - Avvocati in Spagna

Avvocati a Madrid

Avvocato in Spagna - Galindo & Barrio Abogados - Avvocati in Spagna

Miriam Galindo Martens  - Avvocata a Madrid

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Miriam Galindo Martens Abogada Spanish Lawyer / Legal Attorney in Madrid Spain

Miriam Galindo Martens Abogada (Spanish Lawyer /Legal Attorney in Madrid Spain)

Professional Legal Practice

April 2007 - Present - Legal Office Galindo & Barrio Abogados  - Spanish Law Firm / Legal Attorneys in Madrid Spain - Spanish lawyer specializing in Criminal Procedure.
April 2002 - April 2007 - Law Offices of Marcos Garcia Montes in Madrid Spain.

Legal Studies

Masters Degree in Criminal and Forensic Practice, Honorary Degree No. 1 Xi Promotion, Obtaining the Award "Francisco Martínez Fresneda Escrivá" - School of Legal Practice of the Complutense University of Madrid Spain.
Masters Degree in Spanish Legal Practice - School of Legal Practice of the Complutense University of Madrid
Bachelors Degree in  Spanish Law - Complutense University of Madrid
Law degree - Università degli Studi di Padova in Italy.

Legal Awards

Francisco Martinez-Fresneda Escriva Award - Universidad Complutense de Madrid April 2003
No. 1 Xi Promotion Diploma in Criminal Forensic Practice.

Legal Courses

• Order for arrest and surrender and passive extradition
• Specialization in proceedings before the Spanish Court of Jury
• Spanish Prison Law
• Pleading techniques in Civil, Criminal, Labor /Employment Law and the Court of Jury.
• Course on Gender Violence in ICAM.
• Criminology Course VI Gender Violence at the Complutense University of Madrid.
• Introduction Course to Forensic Practice and Children in ICAM.
• Medical Liability Health Course in ICAM.
• National Congress of Health Law.
• IV Course of Criminology "Mass Murderers" at the Complutense University of Madrid.
• Course of business responsibilities for health and safety in ICAM.
• Course on the reform of the Spanish Criminal Code offenses relating to road safety.
• Course on Bodily Damage Evaluation.
• Course on the Spanish Organic Law of Data Protection in ICAM.
• Course of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid,  Almeria, "The activity of the Bank of Spain and the Euro", with grant from the Universidad Complutense.

Tel: (0034) 915546770 Email:

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Spanish Criminal Civil and Penitentiary /Prison Law Lawyers in Madrid Spain

Spanish Criminal and Penitentiary /Prison Law

• Criminal and Penitentiary / Prison Law
• Crimes against life: murder, manslaughter, injury, assault, grievous bodily harm (GBH), trafficking in human beings.
• Sexual offences: sexual assault, rape, sexual abuse, corruption of minors, prostitution related offences.
• Drug trafficking offences.
• Traffic offenses: driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, reckless driving, careless driving, driving without a valid licence, speeding, failure to provide assistance, disobeying authority.
• Domestic violence: abuse, habitual physical and psychological violence & abuse and injuries.
• Crimes against freedom and other crimes committed by officials: illegal detention, wrongful arrest and kidnapping, torture, trespass, coercion, threats, lies, perjury and home inviolability.
• Labor crimes: Mobbing, crimes against the rights of workers and against occupational health and safety.
• Reckless medical malpractice, professional indiscretions, reckless homicide, injury.
• Reckless crimes.
• Economic crimes.
• Crimes against fundamental rights and public freedoms.
• Corporate and crimes against the Spanish Treasury: tax office / Inland Revenue (Spanish Hacienda) offenses, property damage and attacks on the honor and against public health. Money laundering.
• Crime and commercial property, public and private falsehoods.
• Extradition and international criminal proceedings.
• Appeals to the Spanish Supreme Court and appeals for protection before the Spanish Constitutional Court.
• Consultations and opinions.

Spanish  Civil Law

• Traffic accidents  and claims for compensation and/or damages.
• Divorce. Separation and annulment.
• Custody of minors / children.
• Unmarried couples and each partner's rights.
• Use and enjoyment of the marital home.
• Alimony for children and alimony.
• Legal proceedings to amend measures established by the sentence.
• Settlement of marital property.
• Division of common / joint assets.
• Family mediation.
• Claim amount.
• Inability.
• Guardianship and wardship.
• Abandonment of children.
• Inheritance.
• Paternity.
• Protection of fundamental rights of persons (violation of the right of honor, privacy and image)
• Civil law and mortgages, declarations and executive processes.
• Community of owners. Legal claim of delinquent homeowners' dues.
• Urban leases and horizontal property. Drafting and negotiation of leases of housing and business premises.
• General conditions of civil engagement.
• Shares of contractual liability and tort law.
• Intellectual property rights.
• Protection of personal data.
• Legal defense against decisions of the Civil Registry.
• Records domain.

Spanish Administrative Law and Contentious Administrative Jurisdiction Law

• Legal Defense Councils and Local Authorities
• Responsible for staff working for the Public Administration: Public Officials
• Equity Responsibility
• Victims of Violent Crimes Compensation
• Intellectual Property Litigation, Industrial, Patent and Trademark protection.
• Mining Law: research permits and exploitation of mining concessions.
• Health Law.
• Aliens and Immigration: Expulsion Records, Rejection at border, Internment in camps.
• Sports Law.
• All proceedings against the Administration

Spanish Labor / Employment Law

• Area of
​​employees at the service of Public Administration
• Layoffs, redundancies, unfair dismissal wrongful dismissals and dismissals.
• Sanctions.
• Claim amount.

Spanish Military Law

• Sanctions.
• Crimes.

Galindo & Barrio Abogados

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